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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] state of the acro email list


Thread: [Acro] state of the acro email list

Message: [Acro] state of the acro email list

Follow-Up To: ACRO Email list (for List Members only)

From: "Dr. Guenther Eichhorn" <gei at>

Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2002 05:52:48 UTC


Hi all,

I posted my last message before reading some of the last 
posts. After reading those I saw that the situation is worse 
than I thought.

The whole situation with the trolls that cause these problems
could be solved very easily.  If everybody on the list who is
interested in keeping it useful would ignore every post of a
troll and, just as importantly, every response to a post of a
troll, the whole thing would die down very quickly.  Ignoring
responses to troll posts is just as important as ignoring the
original ones.  For instance the response by "Amy" is obviously a
post by the troll himself to further stir up the pot, not a real
response.  If there would be absolutely no response from the list
to any post of a troll, the whole thing would disappear quickly.
It will come back after 6-9 months, but the same non-reaction
will have the same effect.  I have posted basically the same plea
before when we had previous troll infestations, but I can't seem
to get my message through:  We are creating the problem ourselves
by responding to the trolls!!!!!


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