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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Re: state of the acro email list


Thread: [Acro] Re: state of the acro email list

Message: [Acro] Re: state of the acro email list

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From: "Mike Skaggs" <Mike at>

Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2002 14:09:28 UTC



Since you wanted to air this dirty laundry, let me tell you exactly what
I did and the circumstances that led to my leaving the Nationals before
they started and garnering the label of "doing nothing". I spent hours
and hours  on the phone talking to everyone from Sporty's to Aircraft
Spruce. I do believe many items showed up at the Nationals to be given
away. (For sure Sportys and Spruce) I know that a certificate for a free
Hooker harness that was promised never showed. I did do quite a bit and
you owe me an apology. Could I have done more, probably, but have you
ever tried to get sponsorship money from a company without being able to
prove any real ROI? Admittedly I was approaching this endeavour with far
less passion than my earlier work. I had sold my plane a few months
previous and was on the fence about whether to stay in the sport. This
contest finished me off. Someone, who shall remain nameless because
everyone tells me he really is a good guy, was going to let me use his
plane at Nationals if I would fly it home for him. I took 2 weeks of
vacation and flew to Texas. He told me he would be there 3-4 days early
so I could practice. Well, he never called and never showed so I wasted
my vacation and left Sherman in disgust. How would you feel if a week of
you vacation was wasted sitting on a tarmac in Sherman in September with
your thumb in your ass?  

What about all the money and time I have spent on other contests? What
about the Ryder truck and the 2 pallets of water I paid for out of my
own pocket the year before? Or all the volunteer work I have done at
contests, even ones that I haven't flown at? I guarantee I have donated
more time to the IAC than Dorsey. I am not the other trolls, I have but
one "fake" name (that everyone knows who it really is) on the exploder
and that is Duckwater. Dorsey should have resigned quietly. He is doing
far more damage to the IAC than Duckwater and all other trolls combined.

Now, as for your last statement about my malicious intent to do damage
and turning me in to the FAA's medical branch, I am truly shocked you
would say that. It must be the Duck rubbing off on you. Very classless
and untrue being that I am not any of the non-Duckwater trolls that
dickhead Larry professes me to be. At least the Duck has his facts
straight before he posts. Being I did not do "nada" that year and I am
not all the trolls....who is posting malicious and false info? 

Mike "Duckwater" Skaggs

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From: Don Peterson [mailto:autotech at] 
Sent: Monday, July 15, 2002 5:49 AM
To: L W
Cc: acro at
Subject: [Acro] Re: state of the acro email list


Most people probably don't remember, but a few years ago Mike Skaggs
to be the fund-raiser for the national contests, and did precisely zero.
Nothing.  Nada.  Meanwhile he took up the space of the job making the
IAC think
something was being done, only to find out that they got nothing for
trust.  I thought at the time that he was probably just lazy or unable
to focus
his wildly drifting attention, but now I suspect he was taking the
concept of
"trolling" to new heights.  Take up a critical job and then do nothing.
A great
way to create real damage.

One must wonder why?

Given the malicious intent to do damage, I wonder if the FAA medical
might be interested?


L W wrote:

> Guenther is correct. Really there is just one troll with about 6 or so
> addresses pounding the list. In the past, he was identified as Mike
> I believe from California.
> Personally, my solution will be to unsubscribe for awhile as my mail
box is
> full each day and very little information of any value is getting
> all the garbage.
> Larry Willson
> Chapter 52
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> From: "Dr. Guenther Eichhorn" <gei at>
> To: acro at
> Subject: [Acro] state of the acro email list
> Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2002 01:49:25 -0400
> Hi all,
> I posted my last message before reading some of the last
> posts. After reading those I saw that the situation is worse
> than I thought.
> The whole situation with the trolls that cause these problems
> could be solved very easily.  If everybody on the list who is
> interested in keeping it useful would ignore every post of a
> troll and, just as importantly, every response to a post of a
> troll, the whole thing would die down very quickly.  Ignoring
> responses to troll posts is just as important as ignoring the
> original ones.  For instance the response by "Amy" is obviously a
> post by the troll himself to further stir up the pot, not a real
> response.  If there would be absolutely no response from the list
> to any post of a troll, the whole thing would disappear quickly.
> It will come back after 6-9 months, but the same non-reaction
> will have the same effect.  I have posted basically the same plea
> before when we had previous troll infestations, but I can't seem
> to get my message through:  We are creating the problem ourselves
> by responding to the trolls!!!!!
> Guenther
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