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From: Randy Charleston <Randy at>

Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2002 12:23:06 UTC


Keith is not gay. Once he gave me oral sex and he said he didn't like it.


Allyson,  I thought you knew...Leedom is gay.

John Glenn
Chapter 72
IAC#  11371

--- Allyson Parker-Lauck <princess70 at>
> For those of you who want nothing to do with this
> silliness, click DELETE now.
> The "IAC Hunk of the Month" nominating committee
> worked many long and tiring hours over the last week
> wading through the many names that were submitted
> for consideration.  We consulted with several
> experts, and it was a very difficult decision, but
> we were finally able to narrow it down to the final
> 12.  Some of us made fierce arguments for our
> favorite nominee; however, there were only 12 spots
> to be had, and democracy prevailed.
> We finally agreed on the final list for the
> fictitious 2003 "Hunks of the IAC" Calendar.  There
> were so many worthy candidates, but there are only
> 12 months in the year (we should have done a 2-year calendar!).
> Drumroll please....
> Mr. January - Michael Racy
> Mr. February - Brad Lang
> Mr. March - Steve Andelin
> Mr. April - Matt Morrissey
> Mr. May - Phil Knight
> Mr. June - Kirby Chambliss
> Mr. July - Mike Mangold
> Mr. August - Jim Abraham
> Mr. September - Keith Leedom
> Mr. October - Norm DeWitt
> Mr. November - Ken Erickson
> Mr. December - Mike Goullian
> There were others who were just as worthy of being
> named for any given month (but again, there are only
> 12 months in the year).  I can't sign off without
> giving them appropriate honorable mention (in
> alphabetical order):
> Alan Bush
> Zach Heffley
> David Mafrige
> Wild Bill Marcellus
> Chris Panzl
> Doug Sowder
> Bob Stark
> Bill Stein
> Goody Thomas III
> Sean Tucker
> Hubie Tolson
> Bubba Vidrine
> Until next year,
> Allyson Parker-Lauck
> IAC #15590
> PS - Off to take a cold shower.

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