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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Noise Complaints


Thread: [Acro] Noise Complaints

Message: [Acro] Noise Complaints

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From: John Cornwell <jwcornwell at>

Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2002 18:59:24 UTC


  I may have a detail or two wrong, but this is a true story.

Years ago an attorney bought a house near an airport in Colorado, and began a
campaign of noise complaints in an attempt to shut down the airport and thus
raise the value of her property.  One angry pilot took all the noise
complaints down to town hall, and had them attached to the property owner's
deed (as I understand it, once they are attached, you can't ever get them
off).  His reasoning to town hall was -- since the complaints were coming from
the homeowner herself, they must be valid!

  He then wrote a letter to the complaining homeowner, stating that as a
courtesy to her, he had taken the time and effort to have all the noise
complaints permanently attached to her deed.  He said he was doing her a
favor, since it is a serious violation of law to knowingly mislead a potential
buyer of your property by concealing adverse conditions.  He also stated that
he was not seeking reimbursement for his substantial efforts, just being
neighborly in providing a free service to her.

The noise complaints ceased immediately.

Pretty clever fellow, IMHO.


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