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From: jerry scott <jerryscott at>

Date: Tue, 06 Aug 2002 20:31:42 UTC


I agree with you, the squares should have just as short an opening time
as the round canopies. I am a retired jumper after 350 jumps (and a
newby aerobatic pilot) and found the older roundys to open with 500 feet
of the rip cord pull.  I'm sure that this distance has shortened with
the new squares. According to Allen Silver, the preferred method will
eventually go to the square for an emergency chute, due to its better
steerable capability.  You will need some training in a harness to learn
how not to stall it in flight, but this can be learned in a practice
harness. It makes sense that a person who would want the best in
performance for an aerobatic airplane, would also want the best in
performance in an emergency chute. I know that I would not want to be
just blowing with the wind, after jumping over an unknown area.

I talked to Allen two weeks ago who said that a Mini Softie with a Raven
3 square canopy would sell for around $1800 in an aerobatic emergency
rig.  This is more that the cost of a new round rig, but is more the
state of the art.  Allen can be reached on:  510-785-7070.

Jerry Scott
Morrison, CO


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