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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] First Note from AWAC Slovenia

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] First Note from AWAC Slovenia


Thread: [Acro] First Note from AWAC Slovenia

Message: [Acro] First Note from AWAC Slovenia

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From: "autotech at" <>

Date: Thu, 01 Aug 2002 13:09:57 UTC


Hello from Slovenia,

The first challenge will be to figure out how to type on a keyboard that
not only doesn't have all the same letters in the same places as we do, but
has numurous other letters and symbols that I've never seen, such as š Đ, Ž
and so on.  Oh well...

Bob Freeman arrived a day or so ago with the Italians, with whom he is
sharing a G200.  Bob's first comment to me was regarding how pleasant the
whole experience has been since he arrived, with everyone being so helpful
toward having a successful contest.  The Italian team is, as usual, full of
life and joy and clearly delighted to be able to offer an airplane to
another international competitor in the sport we all love.

The English team has been here all week, and booked all of the practice
slots, so each will have had over a dozen practice flights in the box by
the time the contest begins.  They are cheerful, but appear focused toward
winning something.  Kester has already broken his tailwheel spring, but
this is better than prior to Germany when his whole airplane got broke.  At
last count the pretty, but rough, grass field has broken 4 tailwheels, and
only about 20% of the entrants have arrived or flown here so far!

Bubba, Julia, and Tony have not yet arrived from the Czech Republic, and
are driving down.  They will probably beat the Czech airplanes, however, as
the weather all over this part of Europe is dotted with thunderstorms, low
clouds, and fog.  We watched a Russian pilot take off in a Yak 55 this
morning on a mechanical test flight.  The ceiling was about 300 feet, so he
just pulled right up into it and went on top for his check flight.  Somehow
he kept his bearings and he popped right back on on downwind when it came
time to land.  Gives one the jitters just thinking about it.

Everyone is a bit concerned about the airplanes' arrival, as the Czechs,
Germans, Poles, South Africans and me are all depending upon Zlins being
able to get here from the weathered north.  Crossing fingers, although
clearly the jury would be sympathetic to late arrivals if it meant that the
entry list would double.

There is a very smart Ultimate 300 from Finland in the contest.  There have
been some amusing conversations as to how it got onto the ˝allowed˝ list
but the S1-11B isn't.  The gist seems to be that biplanes with big motors
will now be considered for legal entry in the future.

That's all for now.  The fog has lifted and practice is under way.  We'll
send more notes as news develops.

Don Peterson

ps - the beer is cheap, the food outstanding, the hotel spotless, and the
ladies attractive and scantily dressed.


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