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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Re: First Note from AWAC Slovenia

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Re: First Note from AWAC Slovenia


Thread: [Acro] Re: First Note from AWAC Slovenia

Message: [Acro] Re: First Note from AWAC Slovenia

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From: "Paul B. Stambaugh" <pstambau at>

Date: Thu, 01 Aug 2002 14:15:47 UTC


'How bout some pictures of the "ladies attractive and
scantily dressed"?

--- "autotech at" <autotech at> wrote:
> Hello from Slovenia,
> The first challenge will be to figure out how to
> type on a keyboard that
> not only doesn't have all the same letters in the
> same places as we do, but
> has numurous other letters and symbols that I've
> never seen, such as š Đ, Ž
> and so on.  Oh well...
> Bob Freeman arrived a day or so ago with the
> Italians, with whom he is
> sharing a G200.  Bob's first comment to me was
> regarding how pleasant the
> whole experience has been since he arrived, with
> everyone being so helpful
> toward having a successful contest.  The Italian
> team is, as usual, full of
> life and joy and clearly delighted to be able to
> offer an airplane to
> another international competitor in the sport we all
> love.
> The English team has been here all week, and booked
> all of the practice
> slots, so each will have had over a dozen practice
> flights in the box by
> the time the contest begins.  They are cheerful, but
> appear focused toward
> winning something.  Kester has already broken his
> tailwheel spring, but
> this is better than prior to Germany when his whole
> airplane got broke.  At
> last count the pretty, but rough, grass field has
> broken 4 tailwheels, and
> only about 20% of the entrants have arrived or flown
> here so far!
> Bubba, Julia, and Tony have not yet arrived from the
> Czech Republic, and
> are driving down.  They will probably beat the Czech
> airplanes, however, as
> the weather all over this part of Europe is dotted
> with thunderstorms, low
> clouds, and fog.  We watched a Russian pilot take
> off in a Yak 55 this
> morning on a mechanical test flight.  The ceiling
> was about 300 feet, so he
> just pulled right up into it and went on top for his
> check flight.  Somehow
> he kept his bearings and he popped right back on on
> downwind when it came
> time to land.  Gives one the jitters just thinking
> about it.
> Everyone is a bit concerned about the airplanes'
> arrival, as the Czechs,
> Germans, Poles, South Africans and me are all
> depending upon Zlins being
> able to get here from the weathered north.  Crossing
> fingers, although
> clearly the jury would be sympathetic to late
> arrivals if it meant that the
> entry list would double.
> There is a very smart Ultimate 300 from Finland in
> the contest.  There have
> been some amusing conversations as to how it got
> onto the ˝allowed˝ list
> but the S1-11B isn't.  The gist seems to be that
> biplanes with big motors
> will now be considered for legal entry in the
> future.
> That's all for now.  The fog has lifted and practice
> is under way.  We'll
> send more notes as news develops.
> Don Peterson
> ps - the beer is cheap, the food outstanding, the
> hotel spotless, and the
> ladies attractive and scantily dressed.
> DP
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