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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Second update from Slovenia - AWAC

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Second update from Slovenia - AWAC


Thread: [Acro] Second update from Slovenia - AWAC

Message: [Acro] Second update from Slovenia - AWAC

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From: "autotech at" <>

Date: Thu, 01 Aug 2002 19:53:45 UTC


  Hello all,

Just imagine trzing to navigate a cyrillic kezboard after having had 1 too
manz Pivo's (the local good beer).  Not bloodz easz.

Did I mention that the y's and z's are exchanged?

The weather lifted and much practice was done.  No Bubba, Tony, or Julia,
which worries me given that many others that left the Czech Republic after
them arrived late yesterday.  They are still not here as of the end of the
day today.  I am left to wonder if an Austrian policeman might have asked
Bubba where he is from, and then decided to arrest them after trying to
figure out the answer.

The South African Zlin arrived today from the CR, but I may have passed
that on earlier.  A Swiss pilot practicing in the CR earlier this week had
an engine failure in his Zlin 50, but got it back to the runway, and then
across the road at the end, bending the gear, underbelly, and firewall
substantially.  He is now sharing the South Afrikan Zlin (rented from the

It has been a delight reaquainting myself with old friends.  Conversations
around the tables at the airfield local restaurant drift from English, to
Afrikaans, to Italian, and German, with shifts taking place in mid-sentence
and enough punctuation by waving hands for it all to make perfectly good
sense.  The French are hiding at a remote secret site and so missing out on
this camaradirie, but occasionally a French word is heard as the only
shared reference point between two other languages.  It is deeply
satisfying to see how a shared passion bridges cultural and linguistic gaps.

Fuel for practice is about 9 dollars us a gallon.  Oil is about 7 usd per
quart.  Good thing I don't have an airplane to use for practice.

Signing off for tonight.  Probably more news tomorrow.


PS - The Slovenians must be an inherently more honest people than the US. 
The coat hangars in the hotel actually have hooks on the top instead of
those odd anti-theft bulb thingies to make them unusuable to a crooked


PPS.  Marilyn, if you read my postscripts with a serious mind, you are
going to suffer irreparable harm.


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