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Hi all,
Having recently left a "corporate" job with the attendant benefits such as group life insurance, I have recently applied for a term life insurance policy to replace my group life coverage.
To my surprise, the carrier (Clarica, in Canada) has decided to surcharge me 50% over the normal premium solely because I fly aerobatics.
The fact that I hold a Transport Canada Aerobatic Flight Instructor rating (only in Canada), have reasonable experience in both conventional 
and aerobatic flying, fly a certified aircraft designed as a fully aerobatic trainer which has a standard type certificate including the normal, utility and aerobatic categories and am not involved in flying airshows apparently has no bearing on the issue.
What really tells the tale of what is behind this is that they have advised me that they will CONTINUE TO SURCHARGE ME FOR A PERIOD
OF AT LEAST TWO YEARS AFTER MY LAST AEROBATIC FLIGHT, SHOULD I CHOOSE TO QUIT AEROBATICS NOW. I know some people would argue that aerobatics is addictive but this is ridiculous. To the best of my knowledge, unlike smoking for instance, there are no residual health factors. Further, they have decided to apply the surcharge retroactively from my application date in April when they bound coverage, to the beginning of August when they finally approved my policy, despite the fact that I obviously haven't died during that period.
I am certain I am not the first pilot (aerobatic or otherwise) to come across this type of issues and I would appreciate hearing from anyone with insight and/or experience and/or suggestions with respect to this issue. 
Does anyone have experience with other carriers that understand this issue?
Does anyone know of/recommend any affiliate programs that would provide similar coverage?
Is there anyone with an insurance background and experience with this sort of issue that might advise me or provide some insight (or had similar experience and resolved it)?
I live in Canada so certain regulatory aspects may be different for those of you located in the USA but risk is risk and I have no problem dealing with an American (or any other) carrier if they can write business in Canada and understand that riding a motorcycle eating fast food hamburgers or driving to work is inherently more risky that aerobatic flying.
Any advice will be much appreciated.
Best regards,
Brent Rogers
Brent Rogers                  | CPL, ASELS, IA
Toronto, Ontario              | COPA # 134213
Canada                          | AOPA # 772585 7     | IAC # 24428, Chapter 88
                                     | President, Aerobatics Canada, Chapter 3
                                     | Hope Air Volunteer Pilot
                                     | Toronto City Centre Airport Association
                                     | Zlin 242L, C-GJHB, s/n 733
                                     | Zlin 242L, C-GRRL, s/n 688
                                     | PA-32RT-300T, C-GGYM, TurboLance

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