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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Need Pitts Tips


Thread: [Acro] Need Pitts Tips

Message: [Acro] Need Pitts Tips

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From: aerobatik at

Date: Mon, 05 Aug 2002 16:50:28 UTC


  Already, some good suggestions! Thanks!

I'm more concerned about getting on the ground safely, 
first, and getting used to how quickly things happen. 
Spin recovery and any aerobatics are going to wait until 
I know I feel realtively comfortable landing the beast. 
Of course we might do a loop and a roll here and there, 
but no cranking and banking until I think it's a plane 
for me.  No sense in looking to moving up if I can't get 
back to base.

So I've been trying to get ready by making "fast" 
approaches in the Citabria.  It just doesn't seem that 
this fast approach technique is going to help any. I'm 
not sure there's anything I can do in my Slowtabria to 
aid in the transition.

I think we'll have some structure. My instructor is just 
careful to not exceed my limits or desires. So he's 
always checked my condition and asked if I was ready to 
move on to the next manuever, try the last one again or 
go home.

What I was getting at was I guess some insight on what I 
should try and not try to get used to the Pitts as 
quickly and safely as possible. I have confidense in my 
insturctor's flying ability. I just want to make sure I 
learn as much as I can in a concise manner.

My first lesson is on Friday.  I've never even sat in a 
Pitts, let alone flown in one. So I'll try it on for 
size and see.  

Still take as much advise as I can get!




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