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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Jamail Larkins


Thread: [Acro] Jamail Larkins

Message: [Acro] Jamail Larkins

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From: David Duvall <dduvall12 at>

Date: Mon, 05 Aug 2002 22:33:09 UTC


This is to all who have made critical remarks concerning Jamail's recent appearance on CNN. It is obvious that none of you really know Jamail and only a few saw the CNN broadcast. The contents of which have become misrepresented and twisted in a cruel and personal manner.

I have known Jamail for five years and consider him a friend. I saw the CNN broadcast, so I am in a position to speak knowledgeably about Jamail and the CNN piece.

Here are the facts:

The negative posts indicated he referred to himself as the Tiger Woods of aerobatics. This is simply not true. The announcer made a comment comparing him to Tiger Woods, but Jamail never made that statement. 

Jamail lives in the Augusta, GA area and recently graduated with honors from high school. He was president of his senior class.

He began taking flying lessons at the age of thirteen and soled in Canada at fourteen and in this country the day after his sixteenth birthday. At fifteen he was named the national spokesman by the EAA for the Young Eagles program.  Jamail is constantly traveling around the country giving speeches to young people promoting aviation and aviation safety. Jamail frequently writes aviation related articles for national magazines.

Jamail truly has the entrepreneurial spirit and began developing a website two years ago. At the same time entering into sales agreements with some very prominent aviation industry companies. Some of these companies have entered into sponsorship arrangements with him to help support his aviation activities as well as promote their products through his national exposure. AeroShell being the most recent.

I am a recreational aerobatic pilot and own a Pitts S2B. I took Jamail for a ride several years ago and demonstrated some basic aerobatic maneuvers. He immediately became hooked and set his sights on becoming proficient in aerobatics, owning an aerobatic airplane and flying in a few airshows. He has worked very hard to set the stage to accomplish his dream. His first airshow will be in September here in Augusta in front of hometown spectators. He will be flying a Christen Eagle he recently purchased. For his age and experience he is very proficient and conscientious. I was immediately impressed with his stick and rudder skills and judgment.

Jamail will start college at Embrey Riddle later this month. He earned a full scholarship to include room and board.

Several of the posts indicated that Jamail displays a high level of arrogance. This could not be further from the truth. The world would be a better place if we were all as polite and well mannered as Jamail. He is a gentleman and always conducts himself in a professional manner.

Jamail is eighteen and his resume' is already pretty impressive. For those of you who have been so vocal in a negative way about Jamail, look back at your own resume' when you were eighteen. 

I am proud to know Jamail and look forward to watching him accomplish great things in aviation or whatever career he decides to pursue. We should all offer support and encouragement to such a special young man.

If any of you would like to know more about Jamail,  please feel free to give me a call. 


David L. Duvall
Pitts S2B

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