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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Tone of comments


Thread: [Acro] Tone of comments

Message: [Acro] Tone of comments

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From: Frank Gorham <frankgorham at>

Date: Tue, 06 Aug 2002 01:09:36 UTC


Guys and Gals:
                       After much encouragement I have finally signed onto the "exploder" in order to learn from, and share with, those of you who share my passion for aerobatic flight.   Sadly what I have seen is a good deal of unecessarily personal comments, putdowns, and other negativisims which are hardly befitting such an awsome group of flyers.  We all know that we win or lose by the criticism of our flying by our best friends.  It is hardly necessary that that we over-exercise those hormones and be obnoxious to board readers.  Surely a disciplined, self-reliant, committed, dedicated, mature, bunch of enthusiasts can find other ways to release their frustrations besides beating up or tearing down other flyers, even if they happen to be taking positions we might feel are untenable, unwise, or - heaven forbid - unsafe.  E-mail is a very unforgiving medium.  Intended humor often does not show through and nerves are inadvertently frayed in the responses.  So, I beg of you, cool it and stick to the subjects that we love.  Otherwise a forum like this just becomes another CB radio channel with obscene broadcasters chasing the serious folks away.    Think about it guys.    Cheers,  Frank
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