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In a message dated 8/5/2002 8:00:55 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

I know these seem like basic questions and I'll probably get some answers to get training before I show up at a competition.  I have received formal training in all these maneuvers and extensive spin training.  Where I'm actually asking for help is largely in the area of contest format and aresti reading.  I don't want to spend a whole weekend getting down to a contest just to learn that I've been practicing all wrong!

Where are you and what contest might be your first? I ask this because it's all well and good to go back and forth by e-mail with this, but it would be even better to find a contest pilot that you can sit down with and draw sketches, wave your arms, and make airplane noises with. Most contests will hook you up with a "buddy" for your first contest, which is really helpful for learning the ropes. Would you happen to be in the PNW? Thinking about Pendleton in 2 1/2 weeks? Get my e-mail with the Pendleton contest flyers?

Let us all know where you are and maybe someone nearby will step up. As you've noticed, the Red Book is a rule book, but not such a good "how to" manual. But with a little help, one contest will make it all make sense.

Doug Sowder
Spokane, WA
Hey...catch my S-2B in the latest SA! Someone took a really nice B&W photo of it.

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