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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Questions on the sportsman routine

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Questions on the sportsman routine


Thread: [Acro] Questions on the sportsman routine

Message: [Acro] Questions on the sportsman routine

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From: "Michael Angiulo" <mikeang at>

Date: Tue, 06 Aug 2002 03:05:08 UTC


I've got some first time competitor questions.  I've been out practicing all these maneuvers in my S2B but have never put them together in a competition sequence.  I've got the aresti book (the red book and the blue book) but I'm sort of on my own to figure out what I should be practicing for my first competition.  I'm intending to show up and try to fly the sportsman sequence and would like to make sure I'm understanding it before I continue to practice it.

First of all, at what altitude should I be entering the box and what is the hard & advised floor for the routine?  Typically I practice at more or less sea level and start and end maneuvers at 4000'.  That's obviously too high for competition but I'm not sure what I'm going for.

How does wind work?  I see these sequences drawn in both directions and there is clearly a 90 degree maneuver for crosswind correction.  How should I be practicing these?  always directly into the wind?  45 degrees off to practice crosswind drift?

For sportsman will there be an unknown or just the known?  Will I get to fly this routine multiple times or just once?

As for starting and stopping the routine, how and when do I waggle?  How do I break if I need to?

Reading the aresti I think I understand the concept but I'm not sure if I'm reading the 'hand' correctly on some of the maneuvers (like - right hand or left hand):

1) I think I understand the loop in theory. 

2) pull to 45, half roll left inverted, same sized line then pull to downline then pull out at what altitude?

3) this one is an immelman with a half roll right?  should I be trying to get very slow or not?

4) 90 degree turn to right.  I'll be slow.  do I cut the power only afterwards to slow for the spin?  At what altitude should I be here before the spin?

5) competition spin like normal except vertical downline recovery.  if I'm late or early do I just roll correct on downline?

6) 2 of 4 (i.e. one stop at knife edge) to the right on the downline of the half cuban?  

7) normal hammerhead to the left - what should my target recovery altitude be?

8) cuban with the first half roll left then the second one to the right?

9) 180 turn to the right

10) just a 2 point roll right

then do I wag out or signify that I finished?

I know these seem like basic questions and I'll probably get some answers to get training before I show up at a competition.  I have received formal training in all these maneuvers and extensive spin training.  Where I'm actually asking for help is largely in the area of contest format and aresti reading.  I don't want to spend a whole weekend getting down to a contest just to learn that I've been practicing all wrong!  I'll likely get a safety pilot to ride along with me too for my first run.  Any comments there?

Thanks in advance for the help!


(mikeang at or mike at see pictures of my pitts at

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