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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] RE: CAP 10B Performance and qualities c ...


Thread: [Acro] RE: CAP 10B Performance and qualities c ...

Message: [Acro] RE: CAP 10B Performance and qualities compared to a Pitts

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From: John Cornwell <jwcornwell at>

Date: Tue, 06 Aug 2002 19:57:37 UTC


  Ditto Randy.

Boy have you stirred memories.

If there were ever a good compromise between comfort, X-country CAPability and
aerobatics, it is the CAP 10B.  I have a bunch of hours with Danny, Montaine
and Claude when the French Connection was based at POU, including some great
contests at Red Lion, NJ and the Silver Ranch in Jaffrey NH, where the
drinking started with the protest period.

It is a delight to fly -- side-by side seating, terrific visibility and about
as capable as, but very different than, an S-2A.  In experienced hands, and
knowing the right attitude to avoid the very common "positive up" downgrade,
it can easily win in intermediate.  Advanced would be a challenge, but the CAP
will do a 3/4 vertical roll and fly off (albeit with very short lines) which
is really all you need.

If you flew to music, the Pitts would fly to Led Zepplin and the CAP would fly
to Mozart.

If you are looking into buying one, find an experienced mechanic -- they had
some problems with the forward spar (the main landing gear is bolted to the
spar) that caused the issuance of an AD.  If the AD is complied with and the
g-limits are strictly obeyed (+6 -4.5), the CAP is completely safe and
reliable.  However, they won't take the abuse that a Pitts will.  The CAP
flies much better when it's not being abused anyway.


"Randy Owens" <zippyx at> wrote:
I just happen to have a CAP 10B....

The CAP 10B is 180 HP, 1150 lbs, all wood & fabric, side by side, 20
Gallons Acro + 20 Cross Country.  The cross county cruise is about 135
knots at 2500 RPM / 10.5 GPH.  Fire walled down low (2500 feet), I can
get 145 to 150 knots indicated in level flight.  Red line is 180 knots /
211 MPH.

I've got about 65 hours in the CAP and about 5 in a Pitts S2B.  I bought
the CAP over the Pitts because it better fit my mission statement (cross
country & aerobatics).  For cross country, I can stand to be in it for a
couple of hours at a time, I fit in it better (it's actually reasonably
comfortable), I can take someone with me (my girl likes the side-by-side
better than tandem), and I can fly for about 3 1/2 hours w/reserve.  You
can actually see over the cowl too...

As for aerobatics, I'm at the Sportsman level, so this plane is a better
acro flier than I am (it's still training me).  I think it could easily
handle intermediate and then some (me, too, one day).  From my
experiences in the S2B, I can definitely say that 180 HP can't match 260
HP.  The zoom factor in the Pitts is higher for sure.  I've never set
foot in an S1-S, but I imagine it's still got more zoom.

I love the CAP--it's a sweet little plane.  If I had a Pitts, I believe
I'd probably say the same thing.  The real big point for me was the
added utility the CAP offers.

I came from training in Decathlons, and it seems to me that the CAP 10B
may be somewhere smack dab between what the Decathlon can do and what
the Pitts S2B can do.

I'm not sure how helpful this is for the info. you're looking for.  Feel
free to write me back with questions if I can be of service.


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From: Paul B. Stambaugh [mailto:pstambau at] 
Sent: Tuesday, August 06, 2002 11:24 AM
To: Dr. Guenther Eichhorn
Subject: [Acro] CAP 10B Performance and qualities compared to a Pitts

What are the qualities and performances of a Cap 10B?
Are they a nice aerobatic aircraft? Will I be bored
flying one after comming out of a Pitts?

Any and all input appreaciated.


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