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From: Eric Rood <ericrood at>

Date: Sat, 10 Aug 2002 12:30:42 UTC


Yo, Pilots!
I was sittin' in my crib when one of my niggaz called me to give me the
4-1-1 on the shit yous been talkin' bout me on the computer thang.
So, I turned down the Wu Tang Clan and axed my homey, "what up with that
shit?"  I got madder than a brother busted fo not payin' child support.
I called my baby's mutha and said, "bitch, bring dat computer back to my
Da bitch listens, cuz she know what comin' up side her head if she don't.
So, here be my reply:  Y'all muthafuckas better watch yo' lilly-white
asses or I put a cap in yo asses with my AK!  Stop the shit 'bout me.
By the way, I am comin'to a contest near you.  Make sure  there are plenty
of white bitches there.
Like I alway say, "where the white women at?"

Isn't this what some people refer to as "rap music"? Aren't songs with
lyrics such as this considered popular music and broadcast over the
airwaves in many cities throughout the United States? 



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