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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] AWAC web site enhancements


Thread: [Acro] AWAC web site enhancements

Message: [Acro] AWAC web site enhancements

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From: Dave Swartz <djswartz at>

Date: Thu, 08 Aug 2002 16:13:08 UTC


  If you have not been following AWAC via the excellent web site at:

you are missing the next best thing to being there (as an addition to the 
excellent diaries and color from Don).

There are excellent pictures (nearly 300 right now) that can be accessed using 
a search engine (or just browsed) and are available at several resolutions. 
 New pictures have been added each day.  Weather links have been added so that 
you can watch the rain sweep through (looks OK right now).  The streaming video 
from two cameras is a nice touch.  Chat rooms are available but not used much. 
 You can register easily and see who else (registered) is on line and send 
private messages back and forth.

The scoring system is now online at either real-time or near real-time.  If you 
look at the Daily report for today on the opening screen and click on "online 
results" you can watch the contest evolve as each pilot flys.  The low 
percentage scores will not be accurate until all pilots have flown but the 
relative position of each pilot that has completed the Unknown is shown as well 
as their scores on each flight.  Click on any pilots scores to see the full 
breakdown in scoring by figure from each of the judges.  Very Nice!

This web site shows what can be done.  I would guess that it might be possible 
to talk with the web master to see if they would be interested in allowing 
other contests to use some of what they have developed.  This would be a nice 
area for collaboration.

Dave Swartz
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 


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