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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] IAC12 "Chain Letter" to Bob Freeman & t ...


Thread: [Acro] IAC12 "Chain Letter" to Bob Freeman & t ...

Message: [Acro] IAC12 "Chain Letter" to Bob Freeman & the U.S. AWAC Team

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From: DJ Molny <djmolny at>

Date: Fri, 09 Aug 2002 14:07:42 UTC


IAC 12 “Chain Letter” to Bob Freeman, U.S. AWAC Team, Slovenia

From DJ Molny:
Hey, Bob!  We’re sitting at the Marshman / Connor hangar holding this month’s
Chapter 12 meeting.  There are a bunch of folks here, and I thought we’d take
this opportunity to send you a single giant email.

First off, way to go on the Free!!  Awesome score!  Man, it’s tight in the 5
spots, looks like there’s lots of movement potential amongst the top scoring

When / if you get a chance, drop us a note and tell us about life in the big
leagues.  Everyone’s been following Don Peterson’s posts, and it sounds like
a really fun contest.

Best of luck on the Unknowns, and we’ll look forward to seeing you back in
the US of A.  I hope to see some AWAC “hardware” at the Sterling contest in


Hi Bob…Mike and I have sure enjoyed Don’s posts and keeping up with your
progress.  I hope you can feel the positive vibes we’re sending you.  We were
laughing at the idea of the boys flying on the airplane to/from California
unsupervised…At least you and Pam had the sensitivity to spare the flight
attendants that challenge!  Fly good, yes?  Come home safe and sound. 
---fondly – Roz and Mike  [ Way to freakin’ go, Bob.  I’m keeping a notebook
of the web pics and Don Peterson’s excellent “Slovinia Diaries”.  Kick some
ass and keep up the G-200 tradition.  Mike]


Way to go, Bob!  It’s so exciting watching you do so well.  Win some hardware
for Chapter 12!      See you in STK.    –    John B.


Keep your eye on the devise going up and it will all B no problem.
Gerry Zimmerman


Hey Bob:

Keep up the good work! Hope you can end up in the top three. Ask you Italian
friends if anyone has the I-PUSH designator locked up.

Earl Allen


Hi Bob,
Great flying! Beat those Czechs up! Hello to Julia and Tony also, how did you
guys like Prague(city of my youth, I did my med school there). Thanks Don for
his funny commentaries. Good luck!   

Hana Teissler


That's it from your buds in Colorado.  To Everyone on the U.S. Team: Fly hard
and have fun!  We're proud of you!


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