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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Detecting "Jamal"

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Detecting "Jamal"


Thread: [Acro] Detecting "Jamal"

Message: [Acro] Detecting "Jamal"

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From: "Satan's Anus" <michaelb at>

Date: Sun, 11 Aug 2002 00:41:22 UTC


  All of you sleuths out there who think you have a line on who Jamal is are out of your minds.

First, anyone can "link", as it is known in the internet biz, to have a post appear to come from a certain co., a certain person, a different state, a different city.

Normally, such links are to big states:  California, Texas, etc. or to known  companies or to big cities: LA, NYC, Chicago, etc.

If one wanted, he or she could post thru a link to make it appear to be another person, etc.  So, the dumb fuckers who propose to KNOW all, such as most of the old-timers on this list, do not know what they are saying.

Speaking of the old pricks, guys like John COrnwell ("Coach"-who the hell did you coach, anyway, you old dried up fart), Michael cook and you other know-it-alls, what the fuck have you ever done in competitin? You guys are the equivalent of OLD HENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!  GO check the tampon in your may need frustrated fuckers. John, you tell all to ignore the posts, yet you respond to each one you dunce.

As far as Frank Gorham and his accusations of the JAMAL post being a racist, look Frank, Richard Pryor used the word nigger in his act in the 70's.Turn on HBO and listen to every black comedian use slang and every rapper on mtv using the lingo used by Jamal.  If blacks can use the word, so can whites.

Don't get me started on Jordan Wirsz-what a cock sucker- have you seen his fucking web page.....Rap talk is part of our culture-like it or not-hell some fucking states recognize ebonics you dumb prick-you STARTED this whole thing......

Jesus, you old crochety fuckers, get a sense of humor. You should applaud such posts and show respect to the humor offered here.....Laugh a little and it may make you remember when you could get it up.....

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