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To all who responded,

    First and foremost, I take full responsibility for my posting and offer no retraction.


Second, it's appropriate that your mad as hell, you should be. Although I think your anger is misdirected.

Do I not feel for the folks who knew and loved this individual? Yes, I do. I too have lost friends in this sport and

I tend to walk around in a haze for days every time it happens (although the loss is normally associated with an aircraft).


If Kirk had had a few beers and lost his own life, as sad as that would have been, you would not have

heard from me. But the fact is, he took an "innocent" with him. That, I find inexcusable. I would find it every bit as inexcusable

if it were my best friend in the whole world. And, those of you who know me know this is true and also know that I would say as much.


So what about the beer? It may have been just a few. They don't matter right? They all matter every...single...time.

What about the car? Viper, great car, a monster. Who among us has driven one? I have and found it to be a very unforgiving

machine. Now add the late night darkness, a long day and 139mph (source: Viper club of America).


My heart goes out to all touched by this crash. But, the name that flashed through my mind before I went to sleep last night was

Melinda Lee Yuen.


In closing I would say, please remember Kirk, as I know you will. I bet he was a great guy. But also make it a

point to never, ever forget the name Melinda Lee Yuen. Just a baby that paid for a fast ride with her life.


P.S. For those of you who wanted to meet with me face to face, let's set up a meeting. I'll make it a point to make time to sit and

talk with any and all. One to one or in a group.





Randall (Tony) Lupien

Intel corp.


The  sky is not the limit, it's a playground!



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