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From: Joel S Utz <jutz at>

Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2002 16:59:08 UTC


  Seems to me the balls in the oil system are continually bathed in oil 
and really shouldn't corrode. If they do, I think I'd be worried 
about the rest of the engine which is bathed in the same oil. Am I 
missing something here?

>My "balls" were in excelent shape at last inspection.
>--- Frank Gorham <frankgorham at> wrote:
>>  RE: [Acro] Re: Oil pressure on knife-edge and
>>  verticalsPeter et al:
>>                   If you have an "old" Christen
>>  system you may have barely recognizable balls in the
>>  system due to corrosion.  Early versions did not use
>>  stainless balls.  We inspected and found ours to be
>>  terribly corroded as in looking like rusty golf
>>  balls.  You can easily replace the 3 way valve's
>>  ball and we now do that at each annual. The air/oil
>>  breather is a different nonservicable issue and
>  > corrodes the same way if not stainless.


                                                   Joel Samuel Utz
                                                   jutz at


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