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Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2002 15:12:19 UTC


From: Bob Scherer [mailto:bob at]
Sent: Sunday, September 22, 2002 09:01
To: 'AcroMod'
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Hey Dick, sounds like you will soon "compete" your age. (Attempt at golf

Bob Scherer

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The following is an unsolicited explanation of a philosophy of competition
that has stood me in good stead since 1979 (competed in 69 contests).

1)  Whomever wins depends upon who shows up at the contest to compete!
2)  All your practice and critiquing will not produce a trophy if a better
pilot puts on a       better performance.
3)  A competition is a "bench mark" for determining your progress towards
becoming a more complete pilot.
4)  Your most fearsome adversary in competition is yourself
5)  Contests are much more fun than cocktail parties, because the alcohol
veil doesn't descend on everyone ruining intelligent conversation.
6)  Contests give one an opportunity to meet some of the most interesting
and fun people in the world.  You might never get to know them otherwise.
7) If you have  interest in aircraft (other than as a means of conveyance)
you can find extremely interesting examples and unique solutions to
design/function challenges at a contest.  The airplanes are unique and
8)  If you always wanted to be a member of a BIG family this is your
opportunity.  (I am an only child)
9)  This family shares its exhilaration at success of its individual members
at home and abroad.
10) This family shares in the grief suffered by its members when one of us
is lost forever.

Dick Rihn

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