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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Aerobatic figures not seen


Thread: [Acro] Aerobatic figures not seen

Message: [Acro] Aerobatic figures not seen

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From: William McIntyre <acromac at>

Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2002 23:30:16 UTC


  Another version of this dilemma:
In the late 80's I was flying my last Intermediate contest before 
moving to Advanced.After 2 flights I was in 3rd place and really 
wanted a top 3 finish.I planned my unknown to be flown right at the 
lower altitude limit to maximise my scores.The unknown began with a 
one turn uprite spin.I entered the box at 110 and placed the spin 
right in front of the judges with about a 20 degree overrotation.
The judges line was on the ramp near the parking area.After I landed 
and shut down the chief judge walked over to me with a sad expression 
on his face.I thought "oh no,he's coming to tell me I was low.Instead 
he said that although the panels and the Mann Lamp had cleared me into 
the box,none of the judges looked up untill I came in with the 
throttle on the spin down line.He asked would I please go up and fly 
the opening figure again.This time I flew a near perfect figure and 
retained my 3rd place finish.
Sometimes its better to be lucky than to be good.
I love our sport!!!
Bill McIntyre
Phoenix Aerobatic Club
Bill McIntyre
IAC 3269
acromac at


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