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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] FS Zlin 50 - maybe


Thread: [Acro] FS Zlin 50 - maybe

Message: [Acro] FS Zlin 50 - maybe

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From: Don Peterson <autotech at>

Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2002 15:42:06 UTC


  I have an opportunity to buy another airplane, but this requires letting
the Zlin go.  Occasionally people have called looking for a 50, so
here's your chance if you are still interested.

1981 Zlin 50LA.  Est time appx 1,000 hours.  It had logged 600 prior to
import, and I have put appx 300 hours on it, plus est 100 for good
measure.  Hobbs meter installed when I rebuilt the engine in 1999, now
showing 200 hours.  We gave the airframe the complete major inspection
when it was imported in 1997 with 600 hours.

Engine 260hp - stock - IO540.  200 SMOH 1999., steel +.010 cylinders NOT
Hoffman prop and Woodward governor 200 Since new.

Rudder modified with LS servo tab (makes a big difference on snaps).

Fully adjustable seat - I am 6'2 and 235 pounds.  It'll handle bigger,
and will accomodate very small people without adjusting the rudder
pedals, which are also adjustable.

1 year old Concorde battery 24v.

Becker Comm.

Experimental Exhibition certification with no limits on proficiency
area, and log entry by FAA Inspector allowing operation without a
transponder under Class B overhang.  Your local FSDO may want to change
this, but remember it is easier to get forgiveness than permission.

This is a good clean Z50 except for the routine wear one might expect of
a 21 year old aerobatic airplane.  A Zlin 50 just took second place at
AWAC, so this is still a competitive airplane, and by flying one you can
easily rent overseas in virtually any European country (plus South
Africa).  My rental at the recent AWAC was 625 euros (close to 1 = 1 to
dollar), and this included the contest rental, ferry flight from Czech
(they delivered it) and my share of the mechanic who took care of
fueling, maintenance, canopy wiping, seat adjusting, and harness
tightening.  He drew the line at delivering a beer upon my landing.

The LA is rated at +9 - 6.  The factory still supports the aircraft, and
parts are on the shelf, not that you will need very many.  This airplane
will take care of you without nibbling away on your pocket book.  It has
the ground handling of a Decathlon, and I routinely operate off of a
2,000 ft by 24 ft concrete strip, and a 1,400 foot grass strip with no
worries at all.  This would make a great multi-owner airplane.  Forest
Insurance quoted me a $1,000 annual premium for full coverage, and said
that their underwriter had decided that Zlin 50's were a low risk.  Try
that with a Pitts.

No spare parts, but includes tip tanks that give it about a 3 hour range
at 150 knots.


Don Peterson


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