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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Re: New Pitts owner needs S-1S wt & bal ...


Thread: [Acro] Re: New Pitts owner needs S-1S wt & bal ...

Message: [Acro] Re: New Pitts owner needs S-1S wt & bal info.

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From: "rklarich" <rklarich at>

Date: Sun, 18 Aug 2002 00:30:04 UTC




Yes, Level is the upper/top fuse. longerons.  This data is from the factory
S1S aircraft owner's manual- with your height I'm sure you have at least an
S1S stock fuselage length, but if it is longer, you'll have to know where
it's longer and I'd say find the original w&b.  Lateral level is accross
these top longerons in the cockpit.  Tailwheel will weigh around 60-75
pounds once up level, but more than that on the ground- careful on the back
and whatever on the tail you lift by.  FS 50.44 is the main gear position,
FS 171.0 is the centerline of the fwd attach bolt on the springs for the
tailwheel- it's your fulcrum, see pg. 3 of 15 of the manual- aviat or
someone can fax you one- email if you need a fax copy, use at your own risk,
of course...  120.56 inches between the center of the fwd gear axles up
front and the fulcrum of that bolt that the tailwheel springs mount to.
Datum is 65.06 inches fwd of the leading edge of the lower wing.

First run thru is at Zero fuel weight.  Engine oil is at 33.26, radios at
65.88 stock, full fuel is at 59.63 /120# for your full up considerations
starting acro with a full tank, maybe interpolate too for contests at 10
gals/half tanks.  Stick gets light with lots of baggage in the turtledeck
while in the flare going cross country with just legal reserves at touchdown
for some of us....

Say hi to the Colonel for me.

Rich Klarich
Purdue Det 220 1989-1993
Altus, OK
IAC 21376

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From: <Klusmanp at>
To: <acro at>
Sent: Saturday, August 17, 2002 3:15 PM
Subject: [Acro] New Pitts owner needs S-1S wt & bal info.

> I finally bought a Pitts S-1S!
> I'm going to weigh the airplane to update the weight and balance and I
> to some info from you S-1S folks out there:
> -What is level reference on the airplane? (I'm guessing you raise the tail
> level the top fuselage longeron?)
> -Where is the datum reference? (firewall?)
> -Where are main and taiwheel locations relative to datum?
> Thanks,
> Paul Klusman
> Pitts S-1S (finally)


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