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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Rule clarification


Thread: [Acro] Rule clarification

Message: [Acro] Rule clarification

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From: klick at APS.ANL.GOV

Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002 18:08:53 UTC



I'm sending this question to the whole list because I think
it's important, and may be misunderstood.
Or, perhaps I'm wrong (again).

We had a weather abreviated contest at Aurora, IL this
Thanks to all those who were able to get there from fairly
long distances, Tom Adams & Steve Johnson from Tennesee,
Darryl Massman from Wisconsin, and Hugo Ritsenthaller
from Michigan.
By the time we started flying on Saturday, we got
the Known in for all pilots, and we flew the unknowns on
Sunday, except the Unlimited pilots who asked to fly their
I Chief'ed the Unlimited, and noticed on the Judging line
that neither of them had the double line indicating the
optional break that is required in 4.21.5 (c).
In 6.14.1 (i) of the checklist for certifying a Free program
it also states that this double line is required.

After the flight, I asked both pilots about it, and they both said
that they were told that the "bonus point" system said that
if the Free is below a certain number of manuevers, the 
optional break line is not required. They also stated that 
they had seen several other Unlimited Frees, and none of 
them had the double line.
I suggested that they put it in, and see if that wins for them 
at the Nationals, since by my reading of the rules, a pilot
or Judge can file a protest, and have the other
contestants flights zeroed because of an illegal Free.

I could not find any other reference for the optional break
beyond the two listed above. Is their something that I could
not find regarding a change under the bonus system?

Thanks for helping clarify this.

Jim Klick
S1S N9JT (who could be a lot better if I practiced)


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