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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] re: S1S aux tank


Thread: [Acro] re: S1S aux tank

Message: [Acro] re: S1S aux tank

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From: "Fly" <fly at>

Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2002 00:35:17 UTC


  Thanks for all the replies folks!
I'd guess the aux tank probably is 4 gals, but maybe 5.

if anybody interested,  this S1S weighed in at 855 pounds, after deducting
19 gals usable fuel,
but the smoke tank was full, so assume 4 gals at 8 lbs a gal. then take away
another 32 pounds
for a sum of about 822 lbs.  15lbs of that is engine oil.
(BTW,  pre-GAMA definition of basic empty weight was with just unusable
engine oil, but now all b.e.w's include full operating oil.)

It has an electrical system and battery, and a sliding canopy.  The weight
sounds about right.
The original 1979 weight was about 749 lbs before the things were added.

Kent OK

  fly at


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