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For those of you who haven't left for Nationals yet, I just wanted to remind you that the pre-registration period is over.  So get in your planes, and fly down to Grayson County, and register on site.
There are still a good number of practice slots available on Friday, so if you hurry down, you should still be able to get a shot in the box.
This may be a shot in the dark, but I do have a big favor to ask of you all.
Thirteen pilots from the US Air Force Academy pre-registered for the Nationals.  However, the cadets have to attend class on Friday, and by the time they registered, there were no slots left for them to practice on Saturday (and the tow plane won't be available on Sunday).
So here's my plea...  These guys are great to have at the contests, not just as pilots, but they are terrific volunteers as well.  Anyone who attended last year can certainly attest to that.  If you have a practice slot on Saturday, but are planning to get to Grayson County Friday or earlier, please consider relinquishing your slot for a USAFA glider pilot.  Friday still has a lot of spots open.
No need to email me about this as the practice list has been relinquished by me to the contest site.  Just let Kathleen in the registration office know if you're willing to be a generous soul and help the cadets out.

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