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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] FS: Decathlon for sale


Thread: [Acro] FS: Decathlon for sale

Message: [Acro] FS: Decathlon for sale

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From: "Brent Rogers" <1brogers at>

Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2002 16:53:48 UTC


Posted on behalf of Jason McCann, please direct enquiries to him at jpmccann at .
My apologies for any duplication due to overlap of my e-mail distribution lists. 


1979 8KCAB Super Decathlon 180 HP CS prop 1336 hoursTTAE

Semi symetrical wing, Christen inverted oil system, 6+ 5- G's Great aerobatic airplane.

Many upgrades including:

zero time prop with NEW hub , remote oil filter,  Bendix King KLX 135A GPS/COM with moving map, spar inspection panels added to top of wings, Hooker harnesses, skytech lightweight starter. Clevland brakes.

9/10 throughout always hangared. less than 100 hours acro time. 

$54,900 US ...Like new at half the price

Will arrange delivery anywhere in North America!


Originally sold in California by "Screaming Eagle" to owner in Oregon. I contacted the original owner in 1992. He told me it was a fun airplane and always hangared. No damage history. The owner had a P51 and this was a toy. I don't think the Decathlon flew much and hence the low hours.
Screaming Eagle allowed this exact airplane for a segment on spin recovery for the flying show "ABC Wide World of Flying" I have the tape and can provide it to you. It's great footage.

In 1990/91 the aircraft was imported into Canada with 658 hoursTT for Bruce Corstine of the Windsor Ontario area. Bruce bought the airplane for his girlfriend to fly as he didn't want to share his Pitts S2B with her. 
The relationship didn't last and my father bought the airplane in 1991. 

The airplane was purchased as a sport plane by my father for his wife, my brother and myself. My brother logged 10 hours and gave up flying as he had no time. My fathers wife flew less that 10 hours a year and my father flew the same amount. The lions share of the time aloft was flown by myself. At this time I have almost 600 hours in this airplane. 
In 1994 the airplane was involved in a landing accident. Under a pilot other than myself a crosswind landing went astray and the airplane ended up on it's nose. The repairs were extensive and many new parts were installed. The impact energy was absorbed by the landing gear and engine mount. Neither wing made contact with the ground and there was no spar damage. Most of the spar compression cracks found on this type resulted from ground loops. This airplane has never had a wing strike. 
The repairs include new: fuel tanks, landing gear, nose bowl, propeller, spinner and back plate, belly pan, engine mount, airbox and injector, exhaust system, paint and fabric where needed. 

The engine was disassembled and found to have no damage but during the inspection some corrosion was discovered on the cam shafts and quite a few new parts were installed in the engine at personal expense. The engine has performed flawlessly for the last 8 years.

The airframe was repaired properly by professionals. It was re-rigged correctly and has performed beautifully for 8 years. I feel that the airplane is better since the accident since so many new parts have been added to this airframe. I have competed successfully in several aerobatic contests and enjoy the airplane to this day.

In June 2000 I flew this airplane VFR from Stratford, Ontario, Canada to Provodenciales in the Turks and Caicos Islands and back(200NM East of Cuba). This trip was over 1600 NM each way with 1000+NM over water. The airplane performed flawlessly over 30 hours in the air. I even got to do a 200 foot AGL low and over on the NASA shuttle landing runway at Cape Canaveral. Remember this was pre 9-11. All I had to do was ask NASA tower. Try that today.

Next to the birth of my son this trip was the highlight of my life.

This airplane has been Oshkosh every summer since 1992.

2001 a new King KLX135A GPS/COM moving map was installed. Awesome.

2002 under a new AD the propeller was zero timed with a new hub installed.

Arranging for importation and registration back into the USA is easy.

I am truly sad to see her go but a family airplane is now required. 

Please contact 

Jason McCann 519-273-2821 or 519-348-4800 or email for pics at: 

jpmccann at golden.netAttachement 1: part2.html


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