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I also remembered reading that Doolittle did an outside loop in 1927. I just checked on the National Air and Space site and it confirmed it. It said that he did it in 1927 flying a Curtiss P-1B Hawk biplane which had a 435 hp engine. It also mentions Bevo as the first one to do it in a light plane as you had mentioned.

I'd say that Doolittle did it in something other than a light plane with that 435 hp engine, BUT was the first to do an outside loop.


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Long ago I read that Jimmy Doolittle was the first man to perform an outside loop.  I don't recall the year or type of airplane.
Now I've come across some info. that says that "Bevo Howard, in 1938, became the first flyer to outside loop a light plane, performing the feat in a  37 1/2 HP Piper Cub. 
Is there a conflict here or did Doolittle do it in something that isn't considered a light plane?
Bill Clute

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