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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Promoting aerobatics


Thread: [Acro] Promoting aerobatics

Message: [Acro] Promoting aerobatics

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From: klick at

Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002 18:02:39 UTC


  If you want an example of promoting aerobatics, looks at the
October 2002 issue of AOPA Pilot magazine.

American Champion brought the writer to their Rochester,
Wisconsin factory to do a flight report on their airplane.
They also brought Ty Englehart to do the flight demo.

Ty and his dad, Allan, were given the opportunity to talk
about the Collegiate aerobatic competition, won by Ty in 
it's first year. The other members of the team from Southern
Illinois University, Matt Boehm and Sean Roarty were also
mentioned. I know all of them, and they are fine representatives
of our sport.

Good, positive, exposure in a publication aimed at the non-
aerobatic flying community. Get a copy of this article, and use
it as a sample of what you can do in your local publications.

The last paragraph in the article reads:
"Let's see, are we forgetting anything? Oh, yes. The standard AOPA
Pilot flight test. Never got around to it. There was far too much
fun to be had during the NON-standard flight."

Jim Klick
AOPA 682160
EAA 106287
IAC 6870


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