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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Re: Aerobat acro (new subject name)


Thread: [Acro] Re: Aerobat acro (new subject name)

Message: [Acro] Re: Aerobat acro (new subject name)

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From: John Cornwell <jwcornwell at>

Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 15:09:23 UTC


  Impressive research David!  Thanks for your efforts.

I still don't see anything that prohibits acrobatic maneuvers not specifically
approved by the flight manual.  In fact, the wording of FAR 23.3 seems to
suggest that the list of prohibited maneuvers is defining, rather than the
list of those approved.

If it must be listed to be legal, then I must cease doing rolling turns and
humpty bumps, among many other non-listed maneuvers, in my S-2B.

I would prefer a placard that simply stated:  "Don't be an idiot.  Don't do
stuff that could break the airframe or result in a situation from which
recovery is unlikely."

"David Pilkington" <David.Pilkington at> wrote:
From William Kershner's book, The Basic Aerobatic Manual, page 58:
"The hammerhead stall or turn can be discussed in a general way, but the
hammerhead is not an approved maneuver for the Aerobat."

If you'd like to wade through the regulatory material, here's a summary.

From Type Certificate Data Sheet No. 3A19:
A placard is required to state that the following aerobatic maneuvers are
approved for the A150K, L & M and A152 (1978 model): chandelles, steep
turns, barrel rolls, snap rolls, loops, vertical reversements, lazy eights,
spin, aileron rolls, immelmanns, cuban eights, stalls (except whip stalls).
Inverted flight is prohibited.

Now if I managed to get the Amendment status right, here's CAR 3 for the 150
& FAR 23 for the 152:

CAR 3.108 - A
"It shall be demonstrated that acrobatic maneuvers can be performed readily
and safely. Safe entry speeds shall be determined  for these maneuvers."
CAR 3.769 c
Category A
"A placard shall be provided in clear view of the pilot which lists all
approved acrobatic maneuvers and the recommended entry speed for each. If
inverted flight maneuvers are not approved, the placard shall bear a
notation to that effect."

FAR 23.3 Airplane categories.
"(c) The acrobatic category is limited to airplanes intended for use without
restrictions other than those shown to be necessary as a result of required
flight tests."

FAR 23.151 Acrobatic maneuvers.
"Each acrobatic and utility category airplane must be able to perform safely
the acrobatic maneuvers for which certification is requested. Safe entry
speeds for these maneuvers must be determined."

FAR 23.1567 Flight maneuver placard.
"(c) For acrobatic category airplanes, there must be a placard in clear view
of the pilot listing the approved acrobatic maneuvers and the recommended
entry airspeed for each. If inverted flight maneuvers are not approved, the
placard must bear a notation to this effect."

FAR 23.1583
"3) Acrobatic category airplanes. For acrobatic category airplanes, the
approved flight maneuvers shown in the type flight tests must be included,
together with recommended entry speeds. A placard listing the use of the
controls required to recover from spinning maneuvers must be in the

----- Original Message -----
From: <jeffery at>

> The placards in the two Aerobats I've flown and their respective POH did
> list a hammerhead as an approved maneuver.  ............
 I'll bet that the guru of Aerobat acro, Bill Kershner, would know.
> Jeffery Poehlmann

> > Cessna aerobat not approved for hammerheads?  Where does it say that?
> >
> > jeffery at wrote:


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