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I finally got home from the Nationals (went to visit my sister and grandmother before going home), and feel I must give a huge thank you to BJ Boyle for running one of the best Nationals ever!  I thought that Frick's run as CD in 1998 couldn't be beat, but BJ may have tied the effort.
Running the Nationals is almost a full-time job for the weeks (even months) prior to the contest.  To all of you who were there to enjoy his hard work, please send BJ a note and let him know you appreciate his time and dedication.  BJ, you're the best.
Going to bed now, and see you all next year,
P.S. - Lewis is very happy to be back home!  After 13 hours in the car today, he's very happy to be back on a stable perch.  And Steff, don't worry... I won't bring him back next year!  "Pretty bird, brrrrriiiiiinnnnnggg, beep, hello!"
P.P.S. - Leslie, great job on the website.  I only looked at it briefly a couple of times during the week, but I sat and looked at photos for an hour tonight.  Awesome job!

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