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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] For Sale: Stephens Akro (almost a laser).

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] For Sale: Stephens Akro (almost a laser).


Thread: [Acro] For Sale: Stephens Akro (almost a laser).

Message: [Acro] For Sale: Stephens Akro (almost a laser).

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From: "TT Flyers" <ttflyersllc at>

Date: Wed, 09 Oct 2002 00:52:09 UTC


Before I list it in Trade-A-Plane I thought I'd see if anyone here might be 
interested in a lowly monoplane.

For Sale:

1984 Stephens Akro N129JP
Zimmerman Stephens Akro S/N 003
Built by Gerry Zimmerman.
(Check out
	for alittle background on the Stephens Akro/Laser)

AEO-360-S  ~195 h.p.
Sensenich 76-60 Fixed pitch prop.
875hrs TTSN (by R. E. DeMars).
680hrs Since New "Cylinders, Rings & Pistons" (by R. E. DeMars)(Original 
chrome equipment never broke in correctly).
Fuel burn is approximately 7.5 gph.
Ellison throttle body, factory overhaul in 2001.
Fuselage and tail fabric replaced in 1993.
Main spar has been carbon fiber reinforced (Good for lots a Gs).
Wings inspected, recovered and painted in 2001.
New canopy installed in 2001.
New G-meter.
B&C light weight starter.
Light weight alternator.
Terra transponder with encoder.
12 volt outlet.
Wheel pants (not mounted).
February Annual.
Located in Greeley Colorado.

This plane is easy to fly, flies well, and much, much, much, much easier to 
land than a Pitts.
Crosswind landings are almost easier than no-wind condition landings.
The engine runs strong, low oil consumption(upright), two oil analysis 
showed normal conditions.  Last compression check was 76/80, 70/80, 70/80, 
I would not recommend this plane for anyone 6 foot tall or over unless you 
have good knees.  It may not be the prettiest plane on the flight line (it 
has been banished from the community hangar at a contest this year), but it 
is capable of kiking butt and flying the advanced maneuvers(with practice of 

Can be seen online at:
Was asking Very low $40s (big mistake), will take best half assed 
reasonable offer.

Contact Trent at 970-223-5099 (most days and nights until 10pm Mountain 

Other Items I may throw in:
David Clark 10-13.4S headset with headsets inc. ANC system installed.
Yaesu Aviator Pro II radio.
Butler HX-500 series custom backpack parachute (new in 2001).
Garmin "GPS III Pilot" GPS unit.
Wife and kids.

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