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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Re: Flying in AWAC


Thread: [Acro] Re: Flying in AWAC

Message: [Acro] Re: Flying in AWAC

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From: jeffery at

Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2003 16:33:13 UTC



Hate to have to break it to you old chap, but Texas already IS a separate 
nation.  Been that way since 1836.  If you don't believe it, just ask our 
former governor....

Jeffery Poehlmann

> Don, Bubba, Jeffrey etc etc...
> I have been following your discussions on AWAC with interest. Mike Heuer had 
> told me that this IAC Rule change proposal was on the cards and I knew it 
> would promote a healthy discussion. As an outsider, I think I might be able 
> to put a new pewrspective into the pot for you.
> One thing is certain: there is no universal agreement about the purpose of 
> AWAC. Nor will there ever be so. This does not matter, because we do not fly 
> aerobatics as a team but as individuals. The USA of all countries, should 
> understand the importance of the individual in the shape of things.
> So one pilot might want to compete at AWAC because he sees it as a stepping 
> stone to flying WAC (my own purpose initially), another because he wants to 
> fly Advanced and no more (nowadays almost certainly for budgetary reasons). A 
> third might want to compete at AWAC because his frail old body no longer 
> wants to fly Unlimited even though his young heart still relishes the joy of 
> competing (perhaps my purpose in a few years time!!). All these reasons are 
> valid, and you just might get a Team medal based on the efforts of these 
> three individuals each with their own different motivations.
> Most of the pilots who do go to AWAC, regardless of their motivation, are 
> realistic about their prospects of winning. Only a very few go with the 
> genuine belief that they can win. Most go for the satisfaction or 
> representing their country and hope simply to fly as best they can. Maybe 
> they hope to be in the top 20, maybe just to take part. Nearly all understand 
> that the only butt you can kick in an aerobatic flight is your own!!
> If a pilot really wants to fly in the AWAC, and do the best that he can, then 
> he will make a plan for this at least a couple of years before the event. He 
> will make sure he has a legal machine available to train in and to compete 
> domestically in the run-up period, because he will know deep in his heart 
> that the best way to do well is with a familiar machine. If he has talent and 
> trains well he might just achieve his goal. But he will do it as an 
> individual, not as a team player.
> Whatever rules the organization makes, the dedicated AWAC competitor who 
> really is good enough will make the Team because of his dedication and 
> talent, not because of his available horsepower.
> So, even though you think the final decision about this team selection 
> argument is very important, really it isn't. People will adapt to whatever 
> rules apply. And the dedicated will get through in the end and they will all 
> deserve their places, regardless of what they fly in at the Nationals.
> Slight change of tack....
> There is a great imbalance between the USA and other nations (and I'm still 
> talking aerobatics) because there are so many of you. You therefore have a 
> much harder time getting into your National Team than pilots from other 
> countries. This gives you much greater strength in depth at contests. 
> Everyone competing in AWAC or WAC, knows that all the US pilots are 
> competitive, whereas just one or two of those from Italy or UK are so 
> talented.
> You can se this as an advantage (teamwise) or a disadvantage (individually). 
> So perhaps you need to think about breaking up your Federation (like the 
> Russians did a few years back) so you could then field Teams from California, 
> Texas, New England, CornCountry, Bubbaland or wherever. These would all be a 
> good match for the Ukrainian or Lithuanian Teams, maybve even the Russians 
> themselves at AWAC level.
> Think how many more Presidents you could have...joke!!
> Keep talking
> Alan Cassidy
> IAC# 18506
> Maidenhead, England


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