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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] FAA going "behind our backs"?


Thread: [Acro] FAA going "behind our backs"?

Message: [Acro] FAA going "behind our backs"?

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From: Planedancer at

Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2002 15:00:43 UTC


  From an ATC on another list:

An ad in USA Today:

Federal Aviation Administration
Plans to Contract Out
U.S. Air Traffic Control Services
To The Lowest Bidder

The Air Traffic Control system in the United States is the largest and
safest in the world.
Our system is the envy of all nations. It has been carefully designed to
ensure that tragedies like the one in Switzerland this year -- a
collision between two airlines -- will not happen here.
Ensuring the safety and security of its citizens is the clearest mandate
the federal government has.
It is clearly an inherently governmental function. But the FAA has
already compromised safety by contracting out air traffic control towers
at smaller airports and the installation and maintenance of
flight-critical navigation equipment.
The FAA plans to continue to sell additional Air Traffic Control services
by privatizing the functions of Flight Service Controllers.
One only needs to look to Europe's and Canada's results to see how this
will turn out. Nationalization and privatization of these services have
been an expensive and inefficient failure by any standard. Europe's
system is now so complicated and expensive, only the wealthiest can fly
their own planes and airline passengers pay excessive premiums for the
European Community's commercialized Air Traffic Control.
American Flight Service Controllers provide critical weather and
aeronautical information to our nation's pilots.
They also played a major role in managing the National Airspace System on
9/11. As the Air Traffic Control services slowly returned, amidst the
confusion and complexity of new, more detailed security requirements, FAA
Flight Service Controllers responded with professionalism. Aviation
safety and security of the national Airspace System were never
The events of 9/11 demonstrated that safety and security should never be
However, the FAA has set the wheels in motion to privatize your Air
Traffic Control system. Small towers were the first to go, followed by
aviation systems. Now, Flight Service Controller duties will be sold to
the lowest bidder with no system announced as of yet to monitor safety
and security. Left unchecked, the FAA will sell safety and security all
the way to the next mid-air collision.

Tell Congress and the White House NOW that aviation
safety and security are not for sale.
The National Association of Air Traffic Specialists

Rhome (Ft. Worth) TX


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