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I think John Cornwell is correct it was Benjamin Franklin I do believe.
However, think about it from this point of view, some of the sacrifices we "may" be asked to make now is like an investment. When you make an investment you give up some money short term with the intention of earning a great deal more in the future. If you invest correctly you do. Just another point of view.
Max Braude is also correct I started this thread speaking about America but this also applies to all of the free thinking, entrepreneurial world.
The gentleman N6108P stated "And act we should. But let's start with those who knowingly break the law, not the law abiding." I also profoundly agree with this but I do have one question. What should we do in the mean time to protect ourselves and our freedom while we hunt down those who break the law? I believe that we should go on and live our lives exercising our rights but with greater caution. The sacrifices I speak of are the added cautionary steps we may be asked to take.
Virginia Jacobson
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A famous man ( guess) once said something like- " Those willing to give up a small amount of freedom in the interest of gaining a small amount of security will soon have none of either". So how much freedom do y'all wanna give up, and for what? I might be looking at this shallowly- but- I don't wanna give anything unless I get some kind of return..... not a loss.

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