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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] RE: Fw: Important News from IAC Headqua ...


Thread: [Acro] RE: Fw: Important News from IAC Headqua ...

Message: [Acro] RE: Fw: Important News from IAC Headquarters

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From: Allan Krosner <t28driver at>

Date: Sun, 27 Oct 2002 22:16:24 UTC


All this is coming from a bunch of control freaks.  None of the stuff
they are doing will solve any problems.  Its only purpose is control.
The scary thing is that the people doing the controlling, the
government, are not very trustworthy themselves.

Allan Krosner

"Virginia M. Jacobson" wrote:

> How strange............ The state of Michigan now requires any pilot
> applicant or any applicant for a new rating to be fingerprinted and
> registered with the state. Now with the photo ID requirement I wonder
> if the state will require a document like Dick had to have?  With
> today's technology it will probably be the size of your drivers
> license but have far more than just your fingerprints encoded in it. I
> guess we need to face the fact that times are changing and our
> freedoms are being stressed. The need to protect the greater good is
> greater than the need to protect the individual and his or her
> freedoms. At least it seem to be heading that way. It appears the days
> of honesty, integrity and where ones word meant something are all but
> gone. No one can be trusted therefore everyone must be traceable. The
> irony as I see it is those who are truly evil will always find a way
> around the system. The more the system tries to protect its self the
> more it restricts those it tries to protect.  There seems to be a
> Catch 22 no matter which way you go.  The only true way to stop what
> is happening is to change the mind set that causes it in the first
> place. Until someone can find a way to truly do so the need for Big
> brother will only grow. If anyone out there can suggest a better idea
> I'm sure there are many that would be willing to listen. No one likes
> the idea of their personal freedoms and rights being taken away. I for
> one dislike the idea of not knowing that if I walk out my door if I
> will be coming home at night or if I will ever see the ones I love
> again because a snipers bullet or a suicide bomber may take them from
> me. The times we face are not pleasant but we could have to face every
> day like the Israeli's. There isn't a single Israeli that knows when
> they walk out their door if they will be coming home at
> night. Personally, Dick Rihn's comments leave me with some hope. Quote
> "The more things change the more they remain the same" Dick lived
> through a time in history where no one could be trusted. Time went on
> and that changed maybe it will again, but only if we work for it
> instead of complaining about it. It seems to me that to many of us
> keep forgetting that WE ARE AT WAR!  The battle field and the tactics
> have changed but we are at war non the less. My sermon for the
> day. Virginia Jacobson
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> RE: Fw: Important News from IAC Headquarters
>  The more things change the more they remain the same.  The recent
> announcement regarding carrying photo ID reminded me of something I
> had to do circa 1933 or 1944.  I rummaged through my souvenirs and
> found my Civil Aeronautics Administration, ID which I was required to
> obtain in order to have a civilian license to fly.  This document
> measures 7 1/4 inches by 4 inches.
> The centrally placed full face photo is  2 1/4 inches square.  It also
> has all five of my right hand fingerprints.
> More notable is the manner in which I was able to get into town during
> active duty.  I waited until my unit had guard duty and then during a
> daytime sleep break  I went A.O.L.  for a few hours.  I got caught,
> but talked my way out of any serious punishment.  But at least I had
> my ID !
> Terrorists then were called saboteurs!  We were at war then also.
> History class is out!
> Dick Rihn
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