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OK, back to some acro  :-)

I tried my first outside snap the other day (Pitts S-2B) and I think that I could use some help.  I started the snaps at about 100 mph from level inverted flight and my first one was a LEFT rudder snap.  I did accelerate the snap (just as I do the inside snaps) but the plane recovered at after 1/2 rotation.  All in all, not a bad way to terminate a new maneuver, but I was shooting for a full snap.  I tried a few more and they all ended up as 1/2 snaps.  So I figured "Lets try it with RIGHT rudder."  Well, it snapped nicely (like I expected the left rudder to snap) and I watched the world go around about one and a half times then "All Heck Broke Loose."  I'm not sure exactly what happened, but further experimentation proved that it was repeatable!

So the question is "What's going on and what am I doing wrong?"

Thanks in advance,

Rob Bond

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