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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Fwd: [opa-list] FW: FAA Field Approval ...


Thread: [Acro] Fwd: [opa-list] FW: FAA Field Approval ...

Message: [Acro] Fwd: [opa-list] FW: FAA Field Approval (337) Process

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From: J Gail Hill <jgtipton at>

Date: Sun, 17 Nov 2002 19:19:32 UTC


  The information below was posted to Oregon Pilots Association.  I thought 
some of you would appreciate having this piece as field approvals are a 
pretty important piece for some of us.

Stay warm!

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>Date: Sat, 16 Nov 2002 23:14:11 -0800
>Subject: [opa-list] FW: FAA Field Approval (337) Process
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>MessageInfo received from the Jim Hill regarding the Field Approval process.
>I'm going to post this on the Website, but also wanted to pass along.
>Evan Boone
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>From: Jim Hill [mailto:hill.jim at]
>Sent: Monday, November 11, 2002 9:29 PM
>To: webmaster at
>Subject: FAA Field Approval (337) Process
>This is to keep everyone updated on what is happening in the FAA's attempt
>to do away with the Field Approval process.
>I met with the FAA heads in Anchorage for dinner over the weekend. They are
>quite upset at the way that "Washington" is trying to subvert the normal
>process of rule-making. They feel that the move afoot is in part due to the
>manufactures desires to not see any alterations to airplanes for fear that
>they may be stuck with liability in the event of an accident. In fact, one
>of the top guys in Alaska told me that if I found a group that was willing
>to seek an injunction with the 9th Circuit against the FAA implementing this
>ban, that he would be happy to contribute to the cause.
>I have included the below for your knowledge:
>FAA UPDATE ON "FIELD APPROVALS". Regional FAA Chief Pat Poe is working with
>Sen. Frank Murkowski's office to bring industry and the FAA together this
>week on a workable field approval plan. Meetings are slated for this week
>with a Washington Team follow-up visit next week.
>"The Washington Team will probably be visiting the following week. We will
>welcome your views as to what that team should see and do while in Alaska.
>We are planning to set aside time on their schedule to get to meet Alaska's
>aviation industry and aviators," wrote Poe.
>It is felt in the Anchorage FSDO, that had Senator's Murkowski and Stevens
>not tried to intervene as fast as they did, which helps to protect their
>constituents in Alaska, that the FAA would have toed the line and eliminated
>the entire Field Approval process permanently.
>The best advice that I can give to all of you is to spread the word
>throughout the aviation community, to all of your friends that have a pilots
>license (even if they don't feel that it has any effect on them at this time
>or not) and get involved with your state/region/national pilot organizations
>and begin giving support to fight this. Contact all of your senators and
>congressmen and tell them that as your representative in Washington D.C.,
>that you expect to see them fight the FAA against this issue. Contact Phil
>Boyer either by fax, email, letter, or telephone, and tell him that as a
>member of AOPA, you expect him to fight the FAA on this issue.
>I really feel that when the government (FAA, or any other agency) is sitting
>around with nothing to do, that they try to figure out how they can fix
>something that ain't even broke yet. When this happens you will always see
>those that have nothing to lose try to jam something down your throat that
>you can't live with. This all came about from two years ago when the FAA was
>pressured to look for a way to standardize how the various FSDO's address
>the Field Approval process. What came out of this was to simply do away with
>the entire process and then it will be standardized. Is this what you (we)
>want? If not, then get involved.
>Jim Hill
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