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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Why we fly


Thread: [Acro] Why we fly

Message: [Acro] Why we fly

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From: Frank <frankgorham at>

Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 17:03:20 UTC


             A different take on "Why We Fly",  with all due respect to
those who seem to be e-mail tolerance challenged.  (Yes, Marilyn, it is a
minor pain to sort thru almost 300 e-mails upon return from a 10 day trip,
but I find the info gleaned well worth it!)

          How about the sheer beauty and delight of being airborne.  The
unique perspective and views of the sky, clouds, weather, earth, familiar
landmarks, man and nature's patterns on the earth, etc, etc.

        One brief and unforgettable recent sight:   Melanie - I was enroute
down to your airpark in late September to take a look at your Acroduster
project.  Flying at just over 1000' AGL I began a left turn over what I
hoped was your field.  Looking out of my open cockpit past the lower left
wing I was astonished to see a large brown raptor (hawk, eagle?) cutting off
my turn and within several feet of the wingtip, its wings folded back for
speed and its talons extended.  My first thought was of a friendly bird
making a joinup.  Then I realized that it was probably not friendly and was
simply challenging the strange large white bird that had wandered into its
territory.  It is an image that very few have ever seen and one that I shall
never forget.  That is just one of the many reasons that I fly.  I wish that
I was an artist and could recreate the scene in a portrait for a magazine
cover and eventually for my wall.

            Cheers,  Frank

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> In a message dated 11/18/2002 11:16:24 PM Central Standard Time,
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> << Cat Fight!!!
>  Lemy know when and where.
>  Jim Nahom
>  Marilyn Dash wrote:
>  >Melanie,
>  >Please remember that this email reaches thousands of people and it
>  >kill you to once in a while have an unexpressed thought. I came home
from a
>  >weekend trip to nearly 15 messages from you in my inbox. You are always
>  >welcome to reply just to the person sending the message - if you feel
>  >are compelled to reply at all. > >>
> Sorry, Marilyn, I access email in "spurts" - go days without being able to
> access it, then have a marathon session answering what I want to, usually
> with wine in hand :-)
> Nah, not here.  I'm just a pussy cat.  No claws to speak of, nor any beefs
> complain about.  Lezze Faire.  Or something like that.  I'm just an old,
> peaceful hippie.
> Melanie
> Rhome (Ft. Worth) TX


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