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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Why Bruce Bohannon Doesn't Compete Any More

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] Why Bruce Bohannon Doesn't Compete Any More


Thread: [Acro] Why Bruce Bohannon Doesn't Compete Any More

Message: [Acro] Why Bruce Bohannon Doesn't Compete Any More

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From: "Andrew Boyd" <aboyd at>

Date: Sat, 30 Nov 2002 05:38:37 UTC


He says:

I built and flew Pitts Specials in competition and air shows. I never went
on the national scale but I flew all the local shows. In the post-Leo
Laudenslager generation they just kept making the sequences harder and
harder -- to try to punish the monoplanes -- and they really didn't punish
the monoplanes at all, but they just pushed the Pitts right into
dinosaurdom. I kept complaining that "I'm destroying my airplane, trying to
fly it in Unlimited," and they said, "Well, that's what the other, lower
categories are for." My point was that some day all you're going to be
measuring is who is the best aerobatic pilot in the country that can afford
a quarter-million dollar airplane, and, that's absolutely what they're
measuring now, and the pool is fairly, fairly thin.
So the judging in competitive aerobatics is what prompted me to start air
racing. One judge would give you a ten on a maneuver and the other one give
you a five. I'd drag those two guys together and say, "What did both of
y'all see? How can this be? How can I all but zero the maneuver in your eyes
and you -- the other guy -- think I did it perfect?" I realized that there
was just a whole lot of politics in how well you score. It depended on how
much they liked you. After I watched the first air race I said, "You know,
when that guy crossed the finish line everybody knows who won."

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