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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] MT Prop AD


Thread: [Acro] MT Prop AD

Message: [Acro] MT Prop AD

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From: bwana at

Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2002 17:16:49 UTC


Not sure if this effects our group or not.
Here it is, regardless.
Bob Buckley


AD: MT Propellers
AD NUMBER:  2002-23-09
MANUFACTURER: MT-Propeller Entwicklung GmbH
SUBJECT:  Airworthiness Directive 2002-23-09
SUMMARY:  CORRECTION - This amendment supersedes an existing airworthiness 
directive (AD), that is applicable to MT-Propeller Entwicklung GMBH Models MTV -
9-B-C and MTV -3-B-C propellers. That AD currently requires initial and 
repetitive inspections of Torx head blade root lag screws that are used on 
certain serial number (SN) propellers and replacement of all lag screws on the 
propeller if any screws are found broken or with insufficient torque. In 
addition, that AD currently requires the replacement of certain part number 
(P/N) Torx head blade root lag screws with improved, hexagonal head blade root 
lag screws. This amendment requires the expansion of the applicability from 
certain SN propellers to all propellers with certain SN blades that may contain 
the suspect Torx head blade root lag screws. This amendment is prompted by FAA 
awareness that a propeller hub of an affected propeller could be changed, 
thereby changing the propeller serial number, creating a propeller that is not 
listed in the AD and that has affected blades and lagscrews. The actions 
specified by this AD are intended to prevent failure of the blade root 
lagscrew, which could result in propeller blade separation and loss of control 
of the airplane.


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