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Winter flying & oil temperatures in AEIO-360

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Winter flying & oil temperatures in AEIO-360

Well since its now real winter and I don't have anything else to worry about with the Pitts (knock on wood) so I've started fixating on my oil temperature gauge during acro.

Am seeing about 170F which seems a trifle cool to me. Would prefer 200-215 to burn off water. This is after 30 minutes of full power acro in about -5C air.

Is anybody running with any kind of cooling air inlet/outlet restrictor? Or am I the only one crazy enough to do acro below freezing besides our sturdy Russian friends with those beautiful Iris equipped MP14's.

Merry X-mas all.


P.S.  if anybody is bored and wants a good read, I recommend "Missing Man" by Michael Cassutt.

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