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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [Acro] RE: Winter flying & oil temperatures i ...


Thread: [Acro] RE: Winter flying & oil temperatures i ...

Message: [Acro] RE: Winter flying & oil temperatures in AEIO-360

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From: "Peter Ashwood-Smith" <petera at>

Date: Fri, 27 Dec 2002 23:03:58 UTC


Have had lots of folks telling me I worry too much... which is better than
not worrying enough. 

Got a nice 180F today with an OAT of -5C at surface so I will stop worrying
about it and find something else to obsess about ;)

Got an interesting bit of advice concerning the dip stick. Suggestion was to
leave it loose and off to the side after a flight to allow condensation to
escape. Sounds like hellishly good advice to me.



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	From:	Terry Burch [SMTP:zlinman.woody at]
	Sent:	Friday, December 27, 2002 1:38 PM
	To:	Ashwood-Smith, Peter [CAR:1A00:EXCH]; acro at
	Subject:	Re: [Acro] Winter flying &  oil temperatures in

	Peter, 170 is not bad.  You would like to see about 180-185 if you
can. The reason for this temp is that the oil in the pan is 30 to 40 degress
hotter than the oil where your temp probe is.  200-215 is too hot. This can
be confirmed in any Lycoming handbook.  Terry Burch( Zlin 50LA) 
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		From: Peter Ashwood-Smith <mailto:petera at>

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		Sent: Thursday, December 26, 2002 7:32 PM
		Subject: [Acro] Winter flying & oil temperatures in AEIO-360

		Well since its now real winter and I don't have anything
else to worry about with the Pitts (knock on wood) so I've started fixating
on my oil temperature gauge during acro.

		Am seeing about 170F which seems a trifle cool to me. Would
prefer 200-215 to burn off water. This is after 30 minutes of full power
acro in about -5C air.

		Is anybody running with any kind of cooling air inlet/outlet
restrictor? Or am I the only one crazy enough to do acro below freezing
besides our sturdy Russian friends with those beautiful Iris equipped

		Merry X-mas all. 


		P.S.  if anybody is bored and wants a good read, I recommend
"Missing Man" by Michael Cassutt. 

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