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From: Mark Driver N101 ext 422 <mdriver at>

Date: Thu, 06 Apr 1995 22:18:52 UTC


  Hello again,

I just wanted to answer a question that has appeared frequently today.  
Everyone who was a subscriber to the IAC list as of approximately 2100 
hrs central time on April 5, 1995 was automatically added to the list on 
the new system.  I actually had Guenther mail me the Harvard list around 
2100 last night.

Please note that the MAJORDOMO software was installed this week so that 
we could support this list.  Thus some bugs are bound to be creeping 
around, bugs that I probably turned loose myself!  If you have any 
problems or questions, please DON'T HESISTATE TO E-MAIL ME DIRECTLY at 

mdriver at

I'm determined to see this list grow and prosper, and your feedback will 
help me to do my part.



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