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Thread: [Acro] IAC

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From: "Mark W. Dickey" <flyinut at>

Date: Sat, 17 May 2003 07:57:45 UTC


  You know...
   ...I am not a well know member of this community...
      ...but there a few mwmbers that do know who I am.

It really upsets a young gentleman like myself that someone (name and IP 
tries to upset the rest of us. Guarantreed - I cannot fly unlimited - even 
advanced - but I do
know what a TRUE sportsman is. I can push a few G's, pull a few more. I will 
NEVER make
a US Team. Never afford a plane that COULD make a TEAM. But in the end, 
(speak up Doc (Wagnon) Cadby, Kermit, Mike, etc.) I will stand behind all US 

Oh Yeah...

Mark W. Dickey
1988-1990 US TEAM - NOT A PILOT
(AGAIN) NOT A PILOT (Maybe a FEW remember what a true teammate is)
(Maybe done with aerobatics for life)
(Others attitudes DO make a difference)

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