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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: [acro] IAC Scoring Program


Thread: [acro] IAC Scoring Program

Message: Re: [acro] IAC Scoring Program

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From: "Frank Gorham" <frankgorham at>

Date: Sat, 25 Dec 2004 01:56:41 UTC


I can't believe the current thread about the TBLP scoring systemAllyson, 

               Interesting background info - perhaps best published prior to the recent BOD meeting and decision?

               I am rather astonished at the reliance upon old DOS soft and hardware  for TBLP.  It would seem a simple enough task to incorporate the scoring system into something like an excel spreadsheet (although I remain functionally baffled by them, the concept is quite straightforward.)

               Regarding contest rules it seems we have a definite procedure to publish proposals for comment significantly PRIOR to any implementing vote.  This, I assume, to allow and encourage member comments.   Why did this procedure not apply to TBLP's deletion?  Were they not a part of our contest rules?

              Many political bodies require several readings of proposed ordinances prior to their final adoption.   If this situation has been brewing and festering for at least a decade, why a sudden unpublicized urge to vote a change?

             Cheers,   Frank
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  From: Allyson Parker-Lauck 
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  Sent: Friday, December 24, 2004 1:33 PM
  Subject: Re: [acro] IAC Scoring Program

  I'm not going to get into the pro-con TBLP debate, but I would like to answer as to why the Board changed the scoring program for the 2005 season.  We haven't "abandoned" TBLP, and we didn't decide TBLP must be bad because we don't understand it as some have asserted.  There's always more to the story, so as an IAC Officer who was actually at the meeting where the decision was made, I'd like to tell you what  happened from my point of view.

  1 - IAC Contest Directors have been screaming for years for a Windows based scoring program that is easy to use.  Finding an IAC Scoring Director with the equipment necessary to perform his/her duties is becoming more and more difficult every year.  Additionally, as Loren Smith said, IAC has had a hard time finding somebody with the expertise and ability to write a windows based scoring program who was willing to volunteer the time and effort.  IAC has been wanting a program that runs in Windows for at least 8 years.  This year we finally had a committee who has come through for us with an easy to use, tested product.

  2 - The committee who developed this program could not perform the programming, testing, etc. to make sure the bugs were worked out AND incorporate TBLP in time for the 2005 Contest Season.  The other goal of our scoring program was to have the ability to compile all of the judging information (to electronically keep up with judging currency) and perform other duties which are now done manually by IAC Staff and volunteers requiring HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS of work.  This new program will electronically perform these tasks saving our very thinly stretched Executive Director and volunteers many hours of work.

  3 - Several Contest Directors around the country ran dual results - the official results with TBLP along side unofficial straight average results.  They sent the results to the board for our review.  Some of the differences at some contests were quite eye opening (at one contest TBLP brought a competitor from 6th to 2nd place).  Some say this shows TBLP is working as intended, others say that's out of whack.  We wanted to get to the bottom of this so a director suggested that we run an independent study by a statistician.

  4 - IAC Director and CIVA President Mike Heuer then informed the Board that CIVA will be conducting such a study and will share the information with the IAC.

  5 - IAC will be revisiting the TBLP issue at our next two meetings to decide what to do about our scoring program for 2006.  By that time we won't be running on opinion and personal preference, we'll have good solid data from both the new scoring program which will use straight averages along with the CIVA study on TBLP.  At that point, we can make a fully informed decision with regards to the scoring program for the 2006 season.

  I hope this answers everyone's questions.  Please note that I'm not jumping into the PRO/CON TBLP debate.  I just didn't think it was fair that some are implying that the IAC Board tried to sneak something through, that we'd abandoned TBLP, and that we voted on something a certain way simply because we don't understand it.  That's simply not true.  We're trying to answer to the Membership's needs and make improvements to our service.

  Happy Holidays,
  Allyson Parker-Lauck
  IAC Vice PresidentAttachement 1: part2.html


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