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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: calendar updates


Thread: calendar updates

Message: calendar updates

Follow-Up To: ACRO Email list (for List Members only)

From: "Dr. Guenther Eichhorn" <gei at>

Date: Fri, 30 Jun 1995 17:19:15 UTC


I have a few updates to the calendar.  I have also, as
suggested by Brian Howard, included the airport identifiers.



 IAC Calendar 1995 



July 1-2, 1995 - MARLETTE, MI (77G)
Michigan Open Aerobatics Championship.  Sponsored by Chapter 88. Basic through
Unlimited.  Registration and Practice 6/30/95.  Call Contest Director Bill
Clark, PHONE: 313/971-9522

July 1-2, 1995 - BARTOW, FL (BOW)
Sponsored by Chapter 23.  Contest Director Scott Ogelsby

July 1-3, 1995 - SEWARD, NE (SWT)
Midwest Aero Club Championship - Sponsored by Chapter 80. 5 categories.
Practice 6/30/95. For information contact Contest Director Andy Bajc; PHONE:

July 7-9, 1995 - BURLINGTON, WI (C52)
Great Lakes Regional Aerobatic Contest - Sponsored by Chapter 8. 5 categories.
For information contact Contest Director Bill Dicuss; PHONE: 414/332-7897, or
John Wilkomm; PHONE: 414/694-7355

July 15-16, 1995 - BATAVIA, NY (3G8)
New York State Aerobatics Championship.  Sponsored by Chapter 60.  Basic
through Unlimited.  Registration and Practice on July 14.  Box will open July
12 for practice.  Call Contest Director Chuck Krueger, PHONE: 716/464-9400(d)
or 716/346-6305(n)

July 22-23, 1995 - ALBERT LEA, MN (AEL)
North Central Regional contest sponsored by Chapter 78. Practice and
registration on Friday, July 21. Box open for practice Monday-Friday, July
17-21. Call Ed Kelly (612-443-2446) or Loren Smith (612-698-3682) for more

August 4-11, 1995 - FOND DU LAC, WI (FLD)
26th ANNUAL IAC INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP.  August 4-5, 1994 - U.S.  National
Glider Aerobatic Championships - 3 Category Contest. August 6, 1995 - Fond du
Lac Cup Competition - Unlimited Category invitational event. August 7-11, 1995
- IAC Championships - 5 category contest. Reguistration Augist 5-6.  For
information contact Contest Director Melissa DeLacerda, PHONE: 405/624-0955

Aug 19-20, 1995 - BAY CITY, MI (LRA)
Bay City Regional Aerobatics Contest.  Basic through Unlimited. Registration
and Practice August 18.  Call Contest Director Bill Clark, PHONE:

Aug 26-27, 1995 - Peru, IL (VYS)
Budweiser Illinois State Aerobatic Open - Sponsored by Chapter 1.  5
Categories. Practice and Registration at noon on Friday.  Contact Contest
Director Gerry Molidor, PHONE: 815/344-3239

Aug 26-?, 1995 - CALHAN, CO (5V4)
Basic and Sportsman.  Call Contest Director Patrick Fogarty, PHONE:

Sep 2-4, 1995 - EDNA, TX
Sportsman through Unlimited.  No further information available

16th Annual Beaver State Regional sponsored by Oregon Chapter77. Basic through
Unlimited. Practice and registration, Thursday, September 7th, contest Friday
and Saturday, with Sunday as a rain day.  Contact Greg Howard, PHONE:

September 15-17, 1995 - JOPLIN, MO (JLN)
Kansas City Regional Aerobatic Championships.  Sponsored by Chapter 15 and the
Joplin Regional Airport.  Prize money $3000.  Five categories. Registration
Thursday Sept. 14 (Basic 14 & 15), contest beginning Friday AM with Sportsman.
 Practice box open Monday, 11th through Saturday 23rd.  For information
contact Contest Director Gina Taylor; PHONE: 816/363-7155, or Assistant
Contest Director Charlie Sieferd; PHONE: 417/623-8753.

September 15-17, 1995 - HAMPTON, GA (4A7)
Sponsored by Chapter 3. Five category.  For information contact Contest
Director George Hill, PHONE: 404/228-1918.

September 22-24, 1995 - POUGHKEEPSIE, NY (POU)
Dutchess County airport.  No further information available

September 24-30, 1995 - DENISON, TX (F39)
US National Aerobatic Championships.  No further information available

October 7-8, 1995 - HAMPTON, NY
No further information available

Oct 12-14, 1995 - SEBRING, FL (SEF)
Basic through Unlimited plus Gliders.  Call Contest Director Brian Becker,
PHONE: 305/943-6050

Oct 12-15, 1995 - BORREGO SPRINGS, CA (L08)
Basic through Unlimited.

October 21-22, 1995 - FARMVILLE, VA (FVX)
Mason Dixon Clash.  Sponsored by Chapter 19.  5 categories.  Box open for
practice the entire week prior to the contest.  Official practice will start
on 20 October.  Knowns and Frees will be flown on Saturday, Unknowns on
Sunday.  Comment from the Contest Director: "We are asking that attendees
confirm our block of rooms 30 days in advance of the contest date.  (These are
the only accomodations within 40 miles). Although I judge this situation will
relax, our blocked rooms are only guaranteed through September".  For
information please contact Contest Director Tom Hanks, PHONE: 919/929-9322.

November 2-5, 1995 - TUCSON, AZ (TUS)
Tequila Cup Regional Aerobatic Contest.  Sponsored by Chapter 62, Avra Valley
Airport.  Sportsman through Unlimited.  Just northwest of Tucson.
Registration, 2 Nov; flying 3-4 Nov; rain date 5 Nov.  For information call



European Aerobatic Championships.  Organized by the Aero Club of the Czech
Republic.  Contest Director, Jiri Kobrle.  Contact: Jiri Dodal, Secretary
General, Aero Club of Czech Republic, U mylna 3, 141.00 Prague 4 - Sporilov,
Czech Republic.  Fax ++ 42 (2) 765792.  SEPTEMBER 6-9, 1995 - OTROKOVICE,
Basic, Sportsman & Intermediate. ZLIN AIR School invites all potential
participants to Otrokovice. Tour Zlin factory and friendly staff will help
with aircraft checkouts.  Good food and accomodations.  Contact: Jiri Piskaty,
ZLIN AIR School, Czech Republic, TEl/Fax 00-42-67ii-92 2980.

September, 11-23, 1995 - FAYENCE, FRANCE
VII World Glider Aerobatic Championships.  Location is 26 km, north/northwest
of Cannes.  Organized by the French Soaring Federation (FFVV).  Contest
Director, Madelyne Delroix.  Contact: WGAC '95, 6 place due 2 fevrier, F-68000
Colmar, France.  Fax ++ 33 (89) 244550.  


August 18-31, 1996 - Oklahoma City, US (F29? Can anybody confirm)
XVIII World Aerobatic Championships.  Clarence E. Page Airport. Organized by
the Oklahoma City All Sports Association.  For information contact Contest
Director Carl Whittle, 1115 Mockingbird Lane, Norman, OK 73071.  PHONE:
405/364-3368.  E-mail address: cwhittle at 1997 -
1997 World Glider Aerobatics Championships.



AUGUST 5-6, 1995 - FOND DU LAC, WI (FLD)
Sponsored by IAC. Registration 7:30 am, Augist 5. For information contact
Jerry Gerdes, 48 Westbrook Road, Newburgh, NY 12250; PHONE: 914/565-1397
(home), 914/534-7133 (work), 914/534-7162 (fax).



U.S. CONTESTS: - All U. S. contest dates must be cleared first with the IAC
Sanctions Director Iris Birdsong, 8734 Stirling Lane, Germantown, TN 38139.
Phone 901/756-7800 or FAX 901/755- 3848. Complete information is not necessary
initially to list. For instance, Contest Director need not be named as yet,
paper work need not be completed and/or even exact contest site may not be
known yet.  Changes and/or additions may be made as they develop. She will in
turn give the listing and its information to the Editor.

ALL OTHER LISTINGS: - Send direct to Editor approximately six weeks prior to
magazine publication date

Guenther Eichhorn
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
60 Garden Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
gei at


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