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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Superb Decathlon for sale!

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ACRO E-mail Archive Thread: Superb Decathlon for sale!


Thread: Superb Decathlon for sale!

Message: Superb Decathlon for sale!

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From: worksta!worksta!jimw at

Date: Thu, 03 Aug 1995 20:52:44 UTC


  Dear IACers,

    My 1978 Decathlon is for sale.  The specs...

    150 HP, constant speed prop.  Approximate times:  1450 TTSN, 390 SMOH,
    230 SPOH, 230 since complete rebuild (in 1991, airframe up) by Dennis
    Sawyer, an award winning builder of experimental and standard/aerobatic
    category aircraft.  (Dennis maintains the aircraft for several U.S.
    Aerobatic Team members, including a Staudacher [Diane's] and 2 Extras
    [Patty's and Mike's].)

    At the rebuild, Dennis sandblasted the fuselage (the factory did not!)
    and primed and painted it.  Also, Dennis installed: new glass, completely
    new interior (floorboards to headliner and everything in between), new
    Stits fabric and paint through the clearcoat, Hooker harnesses (front and
    rear), rear seat heat, new glass all around, and an aerobatic sighting
    device.  Also in the airplane, full night lighting, Narco Mk12D nav/comm,
    Narco AT150 transponder with AR850 mode C, Sigtronics VOX intercom, and
    probably lots of more stuff that I take for granted.  Everything works
    well and looks great.

    I fly the airplane in 4-6 aerobatic competitions per year in Sportsman.
    (It has, and can continue to, win or place!)  Infrequently does the G-meter
    exceed +5 or -3.5; the airspeed indicator rarely visits the yellow arc.
    Level flight cruise speed is about 115-120 mph at 70%.  Like all
    Decathlons, the airplane is stressed to +6 and -5, holds 40 gallons
    of fuel, has fully inverted fuel and oil systems.

    For more info or pix, feel free to call me at work or home, the numbers
    and addresses for which are below.  Having owned the airplane for 9+ years
    (I'm the 3rd owner) I'm motivated to sell and asking $49,900.

Jim Ward

EMail:  jimw at  --or--  ...!uunet!worksta!jimw
Work:   Workstation Solutions, Inc., One Overlook Drive, Amherst, NH 03031
        (+1)603/672-8600 x232   Fax: (+1)603/880-0696
Home:   Jim Ward, 15 Cleveland Hill Road, Brookline, NH 03033


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